Walden Woods Co-Owner Exterior Cleaning Sign Up Form.  

We will be in the Walden Woods community May 10th, May 13th, May 14th providing cleaning services at a discounted rate.

You don’t have to be home during the time of service, an invoice will be emailed/mailed to you and we give 14 days to pay online via card or check by mail.

Only things we need from you are to ensure an outside water spigot is working, and if you are having your windows cleaned to have the (outside screens) taken out. We will also wash the screens if you put them on the front porch.

We look forward to working with your community once again! Any questions at all you can email info@patriotspowerwashing.com or call 269-929-0182.

After you fill out the form we will contact you with a date and estimated time of service.

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