No Pressure Roof Cleaning....What are the short/long term benefits?

Many home owners might not even be aware of what No Pressure Roof Cleaning actually is, or that you can safely and effectively clean a roof to increase curb appeal and pro-long the actual functionality of the roof. At Patriots Power Washing we follow all shingle manufactures recommendations during our cleaning process. No-Pressure, approved cleaning chemicals to wash away Algae, Lichen, Moss, and Mold.  Check out

Be aware of someone "Pressure Washing" your roof, they can and will damage your roof. Using pressure on a roof is worse then just not doing anything at all. With Patriots Power Washing you can rest assure that you are in good hands. We will be honest with you, if washing your roof is worth it or if its to old and needs replaced. (We do not do roofing, and do not recommend anyone either)

Getting your roof cleaned will increase your homes curb appeal, restoring your old weathered shingles to their original new shade of color. Does your roof have black algae streaks? These can be an eye sore to some...don't worry our technique and cleaning solution will take those streaks out. Moss, green spongy material is commonly found on roofs in the Kalamazoo area, especially on shaded parts of the roof facing towards the North. We can effectively kill the moss and remove it from your roof.

Our Roof cleaning technique is a process, a process that takes weeks for the full effect to be seen. We come to your residence and spray your roof with our cleaning solution, and let the solution dwell for 20-30 minutes. We then post treat certain areas that appear to need a second treatment. Over the next few weeks our cleaning agents will kill and destroy the different forms of bacteria on your roof. Especially Lichen and Moss, it can take weeks for the root of these bacteria's to actually die. Over a few weeks the bacteria will rot out and disappear from your roof. Some companies offer same day results, but how?  They are using pressure to rinse your roof, which can lead to damage at the time or down the road. Click here for more information on roof cleaning

Our guarantee, We understand it can make customers uneasy with paying us hundreds of dollars without seeing the finished results. That is exactly why with roof cleaning we don't bill our customers for 30 days and before they pay we ensure the roof is cleaned and the customer is happy with the results.

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